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  • Paul Cannon Band Accompanies Tristan Prettyman on West Coast Tour

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    Have you guys been paying attention to the Paul Cannon Band? If not, here’s your final “All Aboard!” call before this San Diego-based, postive energy-filled, peace-preaching, life-loving music train leaves the station. As I type, they are finishing up a short West Coast tour supporting Virgin Records recording artist Tristan Prettyman (also a San Diego […]

  • Lee Coulter and Wife Sharisse Coulter to Appear at Book Signing at Mission Playground

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      Lee Coulter, the acoustic, indie-pop artist known for his unique, lyrical sound, will be alongside his wife, Sharisse Coulter, for a book signing and live performance to showcase Sharisse’s newly released novel “Rock My World.” The contemporary fictional novel explores the various issues of being in the celebrity spotlight—from rock god to has-been. The book […]

  • San Diego Newcomer Performs Tonight at Ruby Room

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    Singer/Songwriter Sierra West is relatively new to San Diego, but she is hitting the ground running. Since moving here last year, Sierra is quickly making a name for herself in the local scene – she can be heard on KPRI’s Homegrown Hour, her song “Hold Your Fire” was awarded the “Gold” prize in the San […]

  • The San Diego Music Community and Social Media

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    When used in the wrong way, social media can be a vice. People often point to online networks (especially Facebook) as time-wasting, argument-starting, bully-breeding, outdoors-avoiding mechanisms that are ruining our society. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on how social media enables our close-knit local music community to grow even stronger and more […]

  • Rhythm and the Method to Perform First (and Last) 2013 Show

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    Former San Diego resident (and local favorite) Rhythm Turner is back in San Diego this week, performing with her band Rhythm and the Method tomorrow night at Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. Turner, who has spent the last two years in Seattle, is gearing up for a trip to Southeast Asia, so this will […]

  • Facing the Music

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    I suppose the reign of the Face as a sort of universal currency has a lot to do with its versatility. It is the chosen representation of us on official identification cards, employee badges, passports, and driver’s licences, as well as the foundation of that modern monument to narcissism: Facebook. It is used by columnists […]

  • FREEBO: Something to Believe

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    Freebo, an acclaimed session musician (bass, guitar, tuba) with luminous credits, who toured with Bonnie Raitt for a decade, is also an accomplished — and award-winning — songwriter. Something to Believe, his fourth solo album, showcases 10 of his songs (with various co-writers, mainly Robert Tepper and Karen Taylor-Good) and a cover of Dan Navarro’s […]

  • Jefferson Jay: Making the World a Better Place One Song at a Time

    As you drive west on Southern California’s Interstate 8 you get to take in some pretty incredible scenery along the way… a kaleidoscope of shimmering earth tones through the mountains, the trees, the desert, and its wildlife. But there is perhaps nothing more fascinating (or as wild) than the human specimens hanging out on the […]

  • EDISON: The Oldest New Thing

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    On his CD, The Oldest New Thing, East County singer/songwriter Edison Riggs plays and sings both secular and spiritual music pulled from several genres. The eclectic result avoids a musical rut, but at the same time, his 14-track disc becomes a scramble of secular, Christian, country rock, keyboard pop, and jazz music that never seems […]