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  • Benefit Concert for The Museum of Making Music this Saturday

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    Release: CARLSBAD, Calif. —  The Museum of Making Music is celebrating all things California with a special concert event featuring the innovative, electro-pop sounds of San Francisco musicians Loquat and the tastes of San Diego’s premiere eats and drinks. Sponsored by Stone Brewing Co. and Harney Sushi, the Loquat concert on Sept. 29 will delight […]

  • 5 Things You Might Not Know About Josh Damigo

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    You may know him as one of the hardest working musicians in San Diego. You may know that he just released a new album called “Hope” produced by Jeff Berkley at Berkley Sound. But did you know these 5 things about Josh Damigo? 5 Things You May Not Know About… Josh Damigo 1.) I know […]

  • 3 Albums I Can’t Live Without – featuring Megan Carchman, Heather Nation, and Kenny Eng

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    An ongoing glimpse of what our favorite local artists are listening to: 3 Albums Megan Carchman Can’t Live Without: 1.) Dolly Parton – The Grass is Blue “Great bluegrass album all around. The songs, the musical performances, everything about it is brilliant.” 2.) Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin III “It’s hard to pick just one […]

  • 5 Things You Might Not Know About Chad Cavanaugh

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    Welcome to another edition of our regular blog column where we will be getting to know local artists. You may have seen them perform, you may have downloaded their albums, but now it’s time to take a closer look. Here are 5 Things You Might Not Know About Chad Cavanaugh. 1.) I’m a veteran of the […]

  • The Rock Merchants: All You Need Is Merch

    This is a personal theory of mine. But, I’ve concluded that much of the Beatles’ worldwide fame is due to Brian Epstein’s mishandling of his band’s merchandising, licensing, and revenue. It’s well documented that Epstein proved quite provincial in negotiating the Beatles’ cash streams, especially compared to later rock management gurus like Allen Klein and […]

  • A Conversation with Ingrid Croce and Jimmy Rock

    It’s likely that no musician is more identified with San Diego than the late Jim Croce. His face and surname are among the most visible images in downtown San Diego, thanks to his wife, Ingrid Croce, for her restaurant and her tireless dedication to preserving Jim Croce’s legacy. Meanwhile, the music of Jim Croce is […]

  • Peter Bolland - Stages

    Guitar Solos that Make Me Cry

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    I love guitars. And I really love a good guitar solo. In the history of recorded music there are so many good ones. We could argue all night about which are the best or the most important. But I want to take a more personal angle. You would no doubt write a very different list, […]

  • Bart Mendoza Sleeps in Shifts

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    He lives it. Breathes it. Needs it. He walks the walk while talking the talk. Music, apart from family, is everything. It’s a 24-hour-a-day thing. No vacations or days off. He sleeps in shifts. When he takes a break from writing, he shifts to a compilation album, then to writing a song, then to booking […]

  • All Aboard for a Cruise Jam

    Picture yourself out on the ocean in a big ship with nothing but musicians who just happen to have their instruments, with nowhere to go and nothing to do but play music. Could be the jam of jams. You won’t know until you try. Here’s your chance to do just that by signing up for […]