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  • DANNY WELLER: Third Story

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    Third Story is a jazz collaboration of three native San Diegans: double bassist Danny Weller, pianist Joshua White, and guitarist Jeff Miles, along with LA drummer Jens Kuross. Group leader Weller and White have relocated to Brooklyn, but the local connection remains strong; Weller has played with many top local jazz names and both White […]

  • Bits and Pieces

    Well, this past week has been kind of a trip I didn’t intend to take. Five days in the hospital and getting my blood pressure under control, I’ve had a lot of time to think about my time as a record shop owner of near 45 years and a record collector of near 60 years. […]

  • BOOK REVIEW: Townes Van Zandt

    I’ll Be Here In the Morning: The Songwriting Legacy of Townes Van Zandt By Brian T. Atkinson The gifted — but enigmatic and self-destructive — singer/songwriter Townes Van Zandt died at age 52 on New Year’s Day in 1997, 44 years to the day after a similarly tormented soul, Hank Williams, also drank himself to […]

  • The Keys to Your Heart

    A big part of any producer or recordist’s job is the time-honored task of problem solving. Over the course of a single recording session, hundreds of tiny assessments are made and acted upon: more vocal in the ’phones, less 315Hz on the guitar, a different microphone on the vocals… Most of these challenges are easily […]

  • Score One for Our Side

    I made a movie! Okay, I didn’t make a movie, we made a movie. In early 2010 my best friend Mike decided to make a documentary. He’s been working in Hollywood for years and has enough talented friends to make this a real, honest-to-goodness film and not just a “hey, let’s put on a show […]

  • KIM DIVINE: Five

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    In 2009, Kim DiVine released Square One, a full-length disc by the former San Diego singer/songwriter, which showed a good musical range, from light folk-pop to full-band muscular rockers. Since then, DiVine has thrived, placing well in songwriting competitions, becoming the voice of a Jell-O advertising campaign, and putting songs on TV shows. She is […]

  • May 2012 Calendar

    May 2012 Calendar

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  • BOB LIND: No Longer so Elusive in 2012

    Webster’s describes a butterfly as “any of numerous slender-bodied diurnal insects (order Lepidoptea) with broad, often brightly colored wings.” This imagery of beauty and grace is also applicable to Bob Lind’s most famous composition, “Elusive Butterfly,” reaching #5 on March 12, 1966, a few short days before the burst of spring. While post-“Butterfly” single success […]

  • Ten Steps Away from Anxiety

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    Nothing interferes with our peace of mind more than anxiety. Anxiety is our ever-present friend, stealing our joy, hampering our relationships, clouding our judgment, and wasting our time. Why is this malady so persistent, so resistant to treatment, so common and widespread? Maybe we’ll never rid the world of anxiety altogether. But we can learn […]