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  • San Diego Songwriters Part 3: Greg Douglass

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    While most songwriters I’m covering here have written numerous songs for others, for Greg Douglass it’s not a matter of how many songs he’s written, but instead the impact just one of his compositions has had: “Jungle Love.” It’s likely few performers in San Diego have reached the Top 40 as many times as Douglass. […]

  • Inside the Song: Thoughts from Some of San Diego’s Most Gifted Writers

    With Berkley Hart, Gregory Page, The Lovebirds, Sara Petite, Coco Kallis, Carlos Olmeda, and Catherine Beeks (with cameos from Jeffrey Joe Morin and Joe Rathburn). “I’ll compare myself to a cup of coffee. Is there a crack in the mug? What kind of coffee is it? I’ll sketch out on paper a list of things […]

  • Warren Hellman

    Bluegrass is not just about music. It is also about community, coming together to jam and share food and music with friends and family, and about interacting with fellow musicians. It’s about a passion and a sharing and, for many, about a way of life. If you want to see this culture in action visit […]

  • EVE SELIS: Family Tree

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    If Eve Selis and her band were wondering how to achieve their long-overdue national recognition, after 20 years as San Diego’s top Americana group, with an impressive string of six locally acclaimed albums, they figured out the solution in 2011. The group’s newly released seventh album, Family Tree, is not only its best album to […]

  • Paul Abbott & Kyle Thompson: Pioneering an old-school ethic into the new school recording process.

    A control room chat mediated by Chuck Schiele. Introduction by Paul Abbott If you know anything about the indie music scene (in any town), you’ve realized that just about every musician these days has some sort of home recording setup. It could be as simple as a smart phone with some apps or as elaborate […]

  • The Lovebirds: Lindsay White and Veronica May

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    Such a good love I got such a good love that is why I’ve got such a good life. — from “Life Is So Good” by the Lovebirds When I ask Lindsay White and Veronica May, the women who make up the duo of the Lovebirds, how they met, Lindsay answers, “We met unofficially through […]


    The miles of aisles that weave throughout the halls of the Anaheim Convention center were once again bulging with music and technology, as well as record numbers of attendees to the 110th NAMM Show. In a welcome turn from recent years, innovation took a turn in the spotlight, with several manufacturers introducing products that not […]

  • NENA ANDERSON: Beyond the Lights

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    Nena Anderson has been part of San Diego’s music scene since the early 1990s, singing in blues bands, jazz combos, rock and country bands — a partial list includes Brawley, 47Combo, Billy Watson, Blue Largo, and her own band the Mules. Anderson has been the rare Americana singer/songwriter with the versatility to sing on award-nominated […]

  • Glen Campbell to Say Farewell to San Diego

    He and the King of Western Swing searched for the “rose of San Antone.” He and Wanda Jackson raised the roof at a television party. As a session man with a group of legendary LA-based musicians, he was on enough gold records to fill several city blocks. Brian Wilson and Frank Sinatra sought his services. […]