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  • November 2011 Cover

    November 2011 PDF Issue

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  • Viva Troubadour!

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    There was an article about the Troubadour in the Union-Tribune last month. I loved it. It’s about time this rag got its props! The Troubadour has matured in the decade since its inception. Today, if I were to see a copy at my dentist’s office, I’d reach for the Troubadour before I would any of […]

  • Getting One’s Learn On

    “Ya learn sumpin’ new every day!” said the mechanic, wiping the sleeve of his grease smeared coveralls across his equally soiled forehead. I watched as he negotiated just how exactly to close the slightly crumpled hood of my ’95 Ford Aspire and thought a bit more about those words. Sure, it’s pretty much just one […]

  • PETER CASE: Wig!

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    Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re a Peter Case fan you’re going to love this record. The basics include the fact that there are 12 sparsely arranged, blues-inspired songs. Meanwhile Case handles six- and 12-string guitars, bass, piano and harmonica, with Ron Franklin on electric and slide guitar and, crucially for this disc, drummer […]

  • The Creole Choir of Cuba: A Glimpse into the Folk Tradition of Afro-Carribean Music

    The Creole Choir of Cuba is performing tonight, so on the off chance you’ve picked this paper up the day it hit newsstands, you can wrangle a date, head to UCSD, cross your fingers that tickets haven’t sold out, and make a marvelous Tuesday night of it in this not-quite-so-backwoods town of ours. Recorded or […]

  • My Uncle, David Page

    On a hot summer’s dog day afternoon I met up with my Uncle Dave Page at the Kensington Cafe for a welcome-home cup of Joe. He and his lovely wife, Sandy, had just returned from Northern Ireland where they had planned to stay indefinitely. In June of 2010 they sold their cozy home on the […]

  • QUIMERA MUSIC: More Than Human (Remastered)

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    ‘Twas the calm before the storm…as cavernous shadows envelop the night, wind and rain rush along the cobblestone streets. Church bells toll in syncopation with a blackbird’s mournful call — what lurks behind these dark corners ultimately escapes the crypt at midnight. Quimera Music’s latest masterpiece, More Than Human (Remastered), trips the psyche-fantastic, providing a […]

  • BIG SHOT REUB & THE RELOADERS: Roundhouse Blues

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    Big Shot Reub and the Reloaders is a San Diego-based trio that plays traditional blues and blues/rock, featuring front man Reuben Vigil (lead guitar and vocals), Jodie Hill (bass), and Ric Lee (drums). Their newly released debut album, Roundhouse Blues, contains 10 songs, all written and arranged by Vigil. The album was recorded at Roundhouse […]

  • The Wisdom of Music

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    Music is an opportunity. Music is an invitation. Music is an open window to a world beyond the walls of our conceptual mind. For musicians and listeners alike, music cleanses our souls and washes smooth the rough edges of our lives. Music heals. If not for music, most of us would go insane. Music is […]