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    July 2011 PDF Issue

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  • GREGORY PAGE - My True Love

    Gregory Page: My True Love

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    Gregory Page has such an extensive discography, the question often arises, where does one start? The answer: start here. Anyone who has followed Page’s career, knows what an incredible songwriter he is, with a warm voice that’s the perfect complement to songs steeped in classic songwriting traditions. And it’s all been building to this. My […]

  • BIANCA PARIS - Begin Again

    Bianca Paris: Begin Again

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    Like probably every other city these days, San Diego is fortunate to have a healthy singer-songwriter circuit. Anyone who has spent any time checking out shows, however, would probably agree that although there are numerous entertaining artists, and quite a few with a good song or two, performers with a deep catalog of great stuff […]

  • HULLABALOO - Road Trip

    Hullabaloo: Road Trip

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    Music aimed at children always presents the problem that if it is something young kids will listen to, it will often drive their parents up the wall, with arrangements and instrumentation being too cutesy and bland. Hullabaloo, consisting of Steve Denyes and Brendan Kremer of Del Mar, have gotten around this problem on five previous […]

  • NORTH STAR SESSION: Late Bloomer

    NORTH STAR SESSION: Late Bloomer

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    Last spring, the Northstar Session released an excellent EP, Winter Collection. Transplanted from San Diego to LA, the trio showed us surprising versatility — playing good, original music with hooks, from crunchy rock to softer pop and folk-influenced tunes. The Session’s latest is Late Bloomer, a full-length disc with more of the same. The group […]

  • Will Edwards’ Bogus Journey

    A popular saying reads, “You can’t choose your family.” I’d venture that you don’t necessarily choose your friends either. I remember the first time I met Will Edwards; it was some time around 2003 in front of the old pastry counter at Twiggs Tea & Coffee. He was typically laid-back and I was typically stressed-out […]

  • Hot Diggity

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    Dear Dr. Sinatra, A close friend of mine (and, I assure you, an upstanding, decent fellow) recently got into some trouble. Due to occasional, unforseen instances of making “wrong choices,” his reputation, career, marriage, and peace of mind have been compromised. What it boils down to could be considered accidents involving a sort of “sexting” […]

  • Bluegrass Day at the Fair

    BLUEGRASS DAY AT THE FAIR. Sunday, June 12 was “Bluegrass Day at the Fair” at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The festivities took place on the beautiful Paddock Stage and ran from 11am until 8pm. Six outstanding local bands performed: Box Canyon and the Hilltop Ramblers from North County, with the Full Deck, Driftwood, Gone Tomorrow, […]